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ShamanKing KangZengBang 291 Summary

ShamanKing 291- Hate me, Nichrome, Otherwise you won't defeat me.

Continue with the battle of Ren Tao and Nichrome the seventh guardian and currently guarding the Plant Cave. Because of Ren Nichrome releases his second OverSoul called Purple Kick.

He told Ren that his OverSoul is the fastest of all the Guardian Spirits, so he stabbed Ren at his back with his special ability Dancing Insect.

Ren was seriously hit and blow away from the rocks of the strong impact created by Nichrome.

Then Nichrome followed with his another technique, Dancing Insect then Dreaming Needle which can poison the target.

Because of this attack Ren releases his other OverSoul Bushin Fish Fin and Nichrome counter it with his combine attack of his Oversoul.

Then the battle was finished ending Nichrome defeated and Ren almost died because of the poison. But with the help of Fauz the poison was taken out from his body.

And they arrived in their next destination and the other guardian awaits them.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eyeshield 21 328 Summary

Eyeshield 21 328 "Tag Match"

Continue with the previous chapter Gaou uses Delta Dynamite at Mr Don. Dashing towards Don, and using the strength of his body that created the ultimate technique Delta Dynamite.
image 1
Don is pressured by the power and killing intent of Gaou. Meanwhile Sena is at the back of Gaou rushing to the center believing that Gaou would defeat Don. Don thinks of a strategy that would defeat Gaou in doing this Delta Dynamite, so Don decided that he would take him by power.

The Japanese players thought that Don is defeated but in their surprise, Don stand back and wants to crush Gaou. Tatanka told them that Don is a top class lineman so no one can take him down.

Then Gaou talk to Yamato, that he needed his assistance now in order to defeat Don. Don remembered about Yamato from the past the he is only a commoner that claims eyeshield 21, and Yamato declaring a war against him. Yamato said to him that with his current position he will be taken down.

Mr Don got blue Sky and everyone is shocked of what they saw, as for the japanese team they advances to goal line. Gaou and Yamato earn their mvp votes. Sakuraba is reminiscing his past and thinking that he could also be the same with Gaou in defeating the americans. He thought that if he came early in Oujo maybe their dual combo with Takami will last and take them to glory.

Tatanka defended the 5 yards left until deimon suceeded in their touchdown. He blocked the quick draw pass created by Kid. Japanese decided that they will use height in order to defeat Tatanka with the help of Takami and Sakuraba combo. Inorder for them to get a touchdown, Hiruma agree of what they planned and Takami became their qb for that certain play.

For their last play they uses everest pass but is higher than that as Shin described it, he said that it is like an arrow fired from the top of the tower. So they called it Twin Tower Arrow and Sakaruba defeated Tatanka and made a touch down for the japanese team.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bleach 356 Summary

Bleach 356 "Tyrant of Skulls"

First Page..

Continue with the battle of Halibel and Hitsugaya, Halibel slashes Hitsugaya with his sword and falls down having a big slash on his right shoulder.

Halibel thought that Hitsugaya is dead so he challenge the captain commander and she wanted to revenge her fraccions death.

But in her surprise Hitsugaya slashes her and she immediately dodge and asking what happened that she already slices his body. The one that Halibel slices is the clone of Hitsugaya made by ice he told her that he did not expect Halibel to release so soon so he prepared a clone.

Back to battle of Soifon, Omaeda vs Barragan. Barragan attacks them with his giant axe.

Soifon tries to kick him but she realize that every time she kicks him, her kicks become slow so she concluded that Barragan controls gravity.

Barragan told her that every espada has every aspect of what death is and Barragan say to her that his aspect is time that everything he touches become old.

Barragan uses shunpo to go to Soifon while she is resting then he touch her shoulder. Barragan said that in his touch he can make age the bones of Soifon. Then the part that he touches is broken.

Barragan release his sword and becomes a Demonic Skeleton King..

Naruto 446 Summary

Naruto 446 "I Just Wanted to Protect Them"

Nagato, Yahiko and Konan are walking and searching for strength that they needed in order for them to bring back peace. In their journey they met the three ninjas that fought Hanzo Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.

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Nagato is doubtful to the ninjas that Yahiko approached them because their from Konoha and from the past that haunts him that konoha ninjas killed here parents. Jiraiya stayed with the three kids and help them to become strong in order to defend themselves from enemies. There was also a lone ninja that attacked them but they managed to kill him.

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Jiraiya helped Nagato in controlling his Rinnegan, Jiraiya explains to him that Nagato's doing is not bad and it is the right decision. Because of this he learn to accept Jiraiya also Jiraiya said something about how pain is created and the answer to that. Nagato told Jiraiya that he wanted to protect his friends even though it causes pain.

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After three years of training they become stronger. Jiraiya told Nagato that the answer in bringing peace is his rinnegan. He also told him that there was once a priest that tried to bring peace by spreading his religion and become their ninja techniques. The priest was called Sage of Six Realms and the Mesiah having the same power as Nagato. Jiraiya entrusted Nagato to bring back the peace so they created a team lead by Yahiko.

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Their objective is to create peace with no brutal force. Suddenly Hanzo appeared to them and negotiated that he wants to bring peace with the other countries so they decided to help him. But they did not know that it is a trap because Hanzo is afraid that Amegakure will be taken from him. A trap of bringing the Konoha ninja black ops lead by Danzo. Danzo helps Hanzo to protect Hanzo's position to be taken, Because Hanzo would help him in becoming the hokage in konoha. Hanzo captured Konan to be his hostage and he ordered Yahiko to die or else Konan would die.

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Yahiko agree of what Hanzo told him, so he wanted to be killed by Nagato. He attacked Nagato and Yahiko holds the hand of Nagato and stabbed him with the Kunai that he holds. Telling him that Konan and Nagato must live then Yahiko falls and died. Nagato said that it was his second pain just like the death of his parents.

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